Have You Lost Your Sense Of Purpose?

Reclaim Your

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Have You…

Lost your sense of purpose?

Poured yourself out into the lives of others and you’re left feeling empty & diminished?

Lost your sense of joy and delight for life?

Relented to going about life in quiet desperation, just getting by and through each day?

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Do You…

Feel overwhelmed by life and it’s responsibilities but underwhelmed

with little energy to do anything about it?

Feel as if you are missing out on life?

Feel ‘less than’ with all that is around you as you compare

yourself to the life of others?

Feel stuck and don’t know where to start?

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Can You Recall…

When you last delighted in the day-or even part of a day?

When you last felt you were operating with purpose and clarity?

When you felt confident and empowered?

When you were contributing to a purpose?

When you could say you fully enjoy life on a consistent basis?

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Reclaim Your Purpose

Hello! I am Sandra Vernon. Founder of FeSociety and chief implementer of Reclaim Your Relevance group coaching for women. I’m here to help you reclaim your purpose and create a life you love. I’m your guide to help you recall the many ways you can contribute and increase your joy, using your gifts and talents in ways that bring you fulfillment. I am your coach to help you embrace the truth of your unique beauty and get you back on track to loving who you are, and where you are in this life journey. Check out below (keep scrolling) the three ways you can take action.



Reclaim Your Relevance

I work with women who have journeyed through life transitions. These transitions often leave we women feeling ‘less than’ and weary. I am your coach and guide to help you reclaim your relevance. (Our relevance is how we show up in life.)

I have “been there’, where you are; feeling stuck, lonely and not feeling like you’re part of anything worthwhile. Perhaps you’re just getting through each day, with little energy to do much other than the basics. Or maybe your in the process of making changes to your life but you are uncertain where to begin.

I have ‘been there’ and have slowly worked my way back to engaging in and enjoying life again. I am continuing to learn and grow and want to share with you and encourage you!

Join me in an exclusive group coaching for women, here at FeSociety. Let me help you get on the fast track, by-passing the missteps and extraordinary amount of time it took for me to get ‘unstuck’. Scroll down bit further for more information and action you can take today for a better, happier, fulfilled life!


Reclaim Your Joy

Our life is to be so much more than just settling with getting through each day. Our life is to be filled with purpose and joy as we participate in community and connection.

Reclaim Your Relevance group coaching will get you on the right path for a joy-filled life. Schedule a free clarity call with me to learn more. You will learn how it can help you change your life and make new connections along the way! Or apply to work with me. The call and the application are completely obligation free. Why wait?

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3 Choices to Take Action Now!


Reclaim Your Relevance U

Begins August 6th! Limited spots.

Join me, along with a small group of other women, on the journey to reclaim your life purpose. I help encourage, support and move you from feeling stuck, unappreciated and devalued and reclaim your purpose and regain your joy. Join me in Reclaim Your Relevance for bi-weekly group coaching and more! This four month group coaching is followed by an all inclusive retreat!

Reclaim Your Relevance Lite

Begins October 1st! Limited availability.

This lite version of Reclaim your Relevance is perfect to get you started with some momentum in making significant life changes for a happier life. Join me, along with a small group of women for a two-month group coaching opportunity meeting every other week.

1:1 Coaching

Ready to roll up your sleeves and do some one to one work on your life goals and purpose? Schedule a clarity call to see if this is the best fit for you. 1:1 coaching can also be added onto either group coaching package for a customized package just for you.


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